No one is there


Ever feel like you are talking, but no one hears you? Do they really not register what you are telling them or do they just not care? Obviously they won’t admit to the latter.

I am working 14 hour days and I have been trying to tell my fiance and mum that the business has grown to such an extent that I am just not coping. All I hear in return is that they completely understand. No. You. Don’t.

Year and a half ago I was given a business which my mum funded. There is no other online vegan site anywhere near as big as ours, which is amazing! I am incredibly blessed and don’t want the business to slow down.

I learned through therapy that I need to tell them when I need help. Why though? It doesn’t seem to do anything. My mother is completely occupied with her account manager job along with doing the accounts for my business. My fiance works full time as a computer technician and does my in area deliveries once a week. That leaves all the shipments for me – which is back breaking.

So the question remains… Suffer in silence, scream at the top of your lungs or have another breakdown. It feels like I have tried the first two without success.

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