Fibro and Carbs


Fibromyalgia makes you crave carbohydrates in a very bad way. There are now studies out proving the link between the illness and eating patterns.

“Dr. Paul St. Amand, Associate Clinical Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, states on his website that people with fibromyalgia tend to have more frequent cravings for carbohydrates than healthy individuals. When they give into carbohydrate cravings, a hypoglycemic state, or a sudden drop in blood sugar, can occur, perpetuating the fatigue and pain of fibromyalgia. Dr. St. Amand states that hypoglycemia and fibromyalgia commonly occur together, yet it can be hard to get a correct diagnosis since symptoms like trouble sleeping, headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue occur with both conditions. For treating hypoglycemia, Dr. St. Amand recommends a reduction in carbohydrates, especially sugars.”

It’s been a mission not to give in to these cravings. I am vegan and gluten intolerant. At this stage I can literally eat a whole loaf of white bread without taking a breath in between.

Having this illness means you take meds, a whole lot of meds. Many have weight gain as a side effect, so having a carb rich diet will make you gain weight instantly.

I have been pretty depressed as I used to weight 54KG and now I weigh 98KG. Almost doubled in size. Thank God I am tall, otherwise I would be round.

The struggle is real.

5 thoughts on “Fibro and Carbs

  1. Interesting point about carbohydrate craving and fibromyalgia. Many women crave carbohydrates naturally and fibromyaliga afflicts women more than men.

    When I practiced internal medicine, I recalled thinking this was ridiculous how could so many of patients have symptoms consistent with fibromyalgia. It made no sense to me, so I did a literature search and discovered Vit D deficient patients have similar symptoms. Living in NE vit D deficiency is a huge problem even in summer as the sun hits the area at an angle. One article started a person would need five hours of direct sunlight to meet their daily Vit D needs. Also, there are few natural food sources of Vit D.

    I started checking vitamin D levels and low and behold most were Vitamin D deficient. After months on replacement Vit D, patients who complained of aches and pain stopped complaining. It was my patients who then provided feedback that they thought Vit D worked as they no longer had musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and the quality of sleep improved. I started ordering Vit D levels as part of my routine labs on physical exams, thankfully for many patients.

    Without being a researcher, I suspect fibromyalgia is a physiologic response and therefore an intermediary path brought on by trauma or some endocrine process or deficiency.


    1. Many people do believe it is brought on by trauma. I do suffer from PTSD from my past.
      No one is 100% sure on how one gets it. I do suspect I started when I was 9.
      I am on a Vit D supplement. My rheumatologist checks everything every 6 months.
      As far as sleep goes, I started using and CPAP a month or so ago as I stopped breathing for twice as long as what is an acceptable amount.
      Thank you so much for your comment πŸ™‚

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