Right in my back


Never in a hundred years did I think that someone would try to destroy my business! Why?!?

So how the story goes – I suspect – is that I got contacted by by a guy in Pretoria that wanted to collaborate with me by sharing a vegan food site. It’s nice how he thinks so since I have worked my ass off getting established. He can just swoop in and be part of a successful business. I don’t think so honey boo boo!

Obviously I didn’t put it that bluntly, just said no thank you.

Friday I get a call from a supplier who was told my hygiene and food certificate isn’t done. Yes that is true, but I forgot. I try incredibly hard to keep up with life, yet sometimes I really drop the ball 😦

It is very offensive that it was implied my office and kitchen isn’t clean. I was diagnosed with OCD years ago. I am a germaphobe of note, which means the thought of anything of mine being dirty kills me.

I have now applied for an inspector to come out and give us the certificate. Went through the whole list and everything is as it should be, except that my cleaning products are in the office and no chemicals should be. Very simple solution – buy a outside cabinet box which will happen as soon as we have confirmation on exactly how it must be.

I sincerely hope that bashing me and my business with suppliers and on social media makes him feel like a big boy!


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