With any chronic illness comes the joy of pills – lots of pills. Half of them are trial and error as many of the illnesses have no cure and research has been minimal.

Last night I made a huge mistake. My meds are in those 7 day pill boxes. I accidentally took my morning pills instead of the evening ones.

It is insane to think that within a few hours I was incredibly sick. My body hurt, I was nauseous, shaking and wide awake. It makes you think what insane toxins are in them. I have tried going off them, lets just say it was a disaster.

I wish I didn’t have to spend thousands on meds to poison my body, but the alternative is much worse.

7 thoughts on “Pills

  1. Their are some supplements that can augment your meds and possible to cut meds over time. I don’t use any but I’ve read many post about supplements that seems to appear. I use CBD oil, not sure it helps but haven’t take long enough. I’m waiting for the government to understand pot helps with pain. I’ll be at first of line. The is lots of info post on CBD oil and even people who did get medical pot and it worked. Have a great day! 🙂


    1. It just got legalized here, but there is so much red tape.
      I used the oil for a year and after a while it no longer did anything.
      I do know many people who swear by it. I have one of those bodies that become immune. That’s why my meds get adjusted every 6 months.
      My fiance is a health nut and body builder. He has been nagging for me to take supplements and vitamins, personally I don’t believe they do that much.
      Hope you have a super awesome Wednesday!

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      1. Their are people who supplements work for, many Lyme patients take the doctor recommended ones and say they help. I spent hundreds of dollars and was to sick to know if they were doing anything. There were some that made sense when explained they might help someone who is not dying. Lyme treatment is kill the bacteria before killing the patient. I used CBD oil for a month which is not long enough to work. Several followers have received great relief. My hands hurt so bad this week, I almost bought CBD cream for my hands. I would rather take a toke off a joint than throw money at an unknown. Texas is far from expanding legal pot, why people with migrants can get medical pot and chronic pain can’t is beyond me. I have migraines but they don’t come clear to my full body pain. Sorry for rambling, I hurt so bad yesterday I could hardly hold a fork. Today’s better, more pain pills.


      2. Please don’t apologize. We need to support each other as the majority of people are so mean about it.
        I am glad to hear you are better 🙂
        I did try the natural route years ago. Eventually we had to give in and admit that I need the horrible drugs.

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      3. I had nine months of IV Therapy and massive antibiotics in pill form. At the worst I must have taken over 50-75 RX’s, it would change every couple of months. The bacteria are very smart, they put a sheath over their body and it appears their not there. If only medicine could morph to whatever diseases we had, what a blessing. 🙂


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