People need to think


I run my own Vegan Online shop called Pink Piggy Lifestyle. My mum does the accounts and my fiance site maintenance and deliveries.

all the admin, shipping, orders and suppliers fall on me. It’s a lot of work, but at least something I believe in.

Dealing with suppliers can be incredibly frustrating. Some are super and I always get my stock on time. Actually most of them are like that. Then there is one supplier who stocks a large range of my vegan “meat”. They are always late. They never have enough stock. We need to drive 4km to collect our order and then sit there and wait as they are still packing it.

Today I get an Email saying my order won’t be ready tomorrow as they have a Market. This seems to be the excuse every time! I was also told that the markets will always take priority. I was one of the first people to stock their range and spend thousands in orders with them. Yet I am not a priority.

Unfortunately they have an excellent and very popular product range. Which means I can’t not stock them.

I am so sick and tired of always having issues with them. What the hell is wrong with people?!? When did they get so self absorbed?!?

11 thoughts on “People need to think

  1. Money! I closed my Ebay store in 2005 when my granny had a stroke. For three years the store was very successful. The only decision I had to make was not buy anything from China unless I could wait 60 days. It didn’t take that long but I never knew. I got every lucky to find a wholesaler in the area and purchased my goods as needed, made a huge difference. Some people don’t care. I’m in the process of opening a new store, buying all the bulk products and beautiful vintage jars to put salts in. The jars are expensive so when I find a deal I’m all over it. I found one jar for 3.99 and won it. First thing I get is a sorry I can’t find the jar, refunding your money. When you only have 10 items for sell you don’t misplace it. Money and Ethics. Glad most people have them. I would love to learn more about your store, I wouldn’t shop their but would love to check out your place. Please share the info. 🙂


    1. No I don’t think you can shop here, it’s a little far to ship food 😉
      I became vegetarian when I was nine and vegan when I was 25. Best decision I ever made, seeing as I am lactose allergic too.
      I used to work in corporate and the sicker I got the harder it got. I used to get 3 days off in two weeks. It got so bad that I developed black spots on my eyes from the stress so I had a hard time driving.
      I quit when things got too much – 2 people quit and they never replaced them because I could do all the work 😦
      I was at home and then started to waitress which was awful as I had to be on my feet 9 hours straight.
      We discussed opening a vegan deli for years, then when I was really sick my mum opened an online vegan shop for me.
      It is incredibly hard, but atleast I have a reason to get out of bed.
      I hope you have a great start to your new business. Sounds like fun trading on Ebay!

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      1. I had a store for three years but closed when my granny had a bad stroke. What country are you in?
        Hope business is profitable and motivational. That’s really why I’m opening another store. I need something to motivate me while I overcome my agoraphobia enough to drive again. I’ve been house bound for six years. M


      2. 6 years? That is awful! if you don’t mind me asking, how did that come about?
        Is your gran better?
        I am in South Africa. Yes the business is doing well, but it is a small market here as people are very meat orientated.

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      3. Send button went on own! I has bitten by a tick with the Lyme virus. If not caught quickly the bacteria takes over your body and does all types of damage. I now have Fibro, Dementia, other cognitive issue and in the morning to see if I have RA.
        I’m thrilled the business is going good, you are working in a very limited market. Have a great day and I’ll check in after doctor appt. 🙂


      4. It really is a limited market, but I am currently working 14 hour days!
        I have heard how quickly lyme disease appears after a tick bite.
        I have a large area of bush behind my house so summer we get a lot of fleas and ticks. I always worry.

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