Animals are my greatest joy, yet most heartbreaking

Anyone who knows me, knows that i have been the biggest animal lover, advocate and defender.

I have 13 rescues – 6 cats and 7 dogs. As I work from home, I am lucky enough to give them some extra love and attention.

Sadly my beautiful 11 year old cat Daisy-Boo has cancer on his face and will be having surgery again tomorrow. he has spent months getting chemo.

Daisy-Boo has a rather sad story at the start of his life. His mum was caged and used for pitbull fighting training. My mum’s friend rescued the mom and we took the very tiny kitten.

Having fibromyalgia means any extra stress makes the pain worse. I am incredibly worried about him and pray tomorrow is a success.



Stupid Tooth

Last week I went to the dentist, oh what fun! He decided my cracked tooth cannot be saved so out it goes!

3 Days later and I am still in agony. Worst of all my normal raw veggies and hummus lunch is impossible to eat.

I can’t sleep with my CPAP machine either as it hurts too much. In other words along with being in insane pain, I now don’t sleep either.

The cherry on top today is that our Min Pin doggie got nipped by our german shepherd. She is OK, but clearly sore.

It never rains, but pours in this family!!!

Fibromyalgia + Stress = Extra pain and unhappiness…

Women’s Day


So happy Women’s Day for yesterday!

I was raised by an incredibly strong, independent mother. My parents had a very messy divorce when I was 10 years old. My mum got full custody, but I still saw my dad once a month for a weekend.

My mum got involved in numerous volatile relationships, but always managed. Eventually we moved from our home town in Namibia, to Johannesburg, South Africa. I was miserable, and always sick. Doctors diagnosed me by saying it’s only growing pains and largely due to my vegetarian diet (I became full vegan at 26). Of course now we know better and it was a load of rubbish. I was always sick. One semester I was off school for 30 days, but still it was all blamed on my diet. Small town meat eater mentality.

My mum was very tough on me, especially when I was sick. She was raised that unless you are half dead, you do not miss school. I think eventually she just gave up with that.

Chronic Illness sufferers are strong. Very strong. Every day most of us get out of bed, put our big girl panties on and go to work. People don’t see what is happening on the inside and the pain we are constantly in.

Busy, busy, busy

Ever feel like a duck? Calm on the top while frantically kicking to stay afloat? I seem to be living in that way.

I am blessed enough to run my own online vegan shop. We opened in March 2017 and have grown with over 300%. As wonderful as that is, I am struggling to keep up. My fiance does the deliveries and my mum the accounts, other than that, I do everything.

For a “normal” person this shouldn’t be an issue, for someone like me with Fibromyalgia, it is a daily challenge. By 11h00 I am exhausted beyond believe.

I am trying, but sometimes feel like a I am fighting a losing battle.

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