Migraine Monster


If you have ever had a migraine you would know how incredibly debilitating it is. You can’t work, read, cook, play with the dogs, sleep or watch tv.

I have suffered with one for the past 4 days. Today it is relatively manageable – not that I have a choice. I send out all my shipments to the rest of South Africa on Tuesdays.

I feel slow and blurry. Kind of like being on auto pilot. After sorting out my work for the morning I need to go upstairs and do laundry, prep dinner and take care of my cat who had chemo on his eye (he has a sinus infection and I need to clean it and put in ointment).

When I look in the mirror I see an old woman of 45 instead of 32. The rings under my eyes are black, my skin is covered in blisters and eczema. Worst part is I never get pimples and had beautiful skin. HAD being the operative word 😦

I can’t manage to think of one positive aspect about me at this point.


6 thoughts on “Migraine Monster

  1. Look inside for your beauty. It’s so easy for chronically ill to focus on what we see. I’m 55 and can’t begin to tell you how old I feel and see. That’s how I’ve tried to stay sane. I work hard to help people of WP and focus on a positive self, no matter how small the positive is. I had a migraine last week for three days. One more thing to deal with. I’m hoping the challenges are building my strength. 🙂


    1. I have to believe that we are getting stronger emotionally and spiritually from dealing with this garbage every day.
      WP, what’s that? Where do you live?
      I just get down because people have a migraine for a day and people like us get it for a week 😦
      So hard to look inside for beauty. My mum has this mantle piece full of pics of me – I’m an only child. Looking what I used to be makes me feel ill.
      When did you start getting sick?

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      1. I have to remind myself everyone has their struggle. WP is WordPress our blog company. I would be hard pressed to find beauty if I didn’t look inside. I remind myself of how I try to help people, I get some of the most mind blowing kind comments. I’m no here but for a moment I feel like one.
        I thought you were in S Africa but I don’t know the area. I have a number of followers from African countries, several are so motivating and try hard to look above the bad in their country. I think 2010 was when my Lyme started but I was so busy taking care of Gramps estate and working to fix his house. 2012 was the first step but it took two years to get a true answer.
        I was an alcoholic and a bitchy snob before so looking back makes me feel good about the lessons learned. I’m not that person and have no desire to life that shallow life.
        Try looking at the photos as individual memories and enjoy them, not wish them back just enjoy the memory. The hard thing for me is looking for memories I’m making now, do you have a methods you use?


      2. I am in South Africa the country. Live in Johannesburg which is a huge city.
        You were an alcoholic? You must be incredibly proud of yourself for not being that person anymore!
        Sometimes we need a proper wake up call to change or see the world in a different light.
        I hate looking at old photos since I used to be skinny and not too bad looking. Now I am hideous. Well you can see from my profile pic how fat I am.
        I read and watch tv and play with my dogs and cats.
        Basically to cope, I zone out.

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      3. We can’t help how our body changes due to lack of excessive and all the meds. My body is the same. I’m trying to put make up on just a little so make me remember how pretty I can be. Of course that is subjective. Everyone is beautiful. I believe beautiful on the inside is more important than what people see on surface. If people know you they see the light on the inside.
        Yes I was an alcoholic, drug addict and all around self destructive. That wasn’t God’s plan for me. Have a great evening.

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      4. No it certainly wasn’t and you proved that you are now following the path you need to be on ❤
        I look at the make up and then all i see is 35 degrees celsius and I think how pointless it is as I sweat it off.
        If someone is a kind person that shines through their physical flaws. I try always see the beauty in others, but never manage to find mine.


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