Summer is Here


Now not to complain about all the flowers blooming and birds returning, but it seems that we went from winter to summer in a week. Thanks to global warming (yes I believe in it) there seems to be no more autumn or spring in South Africa.

Now any women going through menopause or any person with certain chronic illnesses – like me – will tell you that hot flashes are things nightmares are made of.

You sweat, need to wash your hair daily, can’t sleep, feel like you are slapped when you go outside, headaches, acne, oh the list goes on…

So for all my friends in the northern hemisphere, be SO grateful. Think I am going to start migrating to wherever winter is šŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Summer is Here

      1. I can’t get in the sun due to Lyme somehow effecting my skin. If outside in 10 minutes I’ll be totally burned. I have stayed in the house going a bit stir crazy. I can’t think of where I would want to go in this heat. Hopefully fall will come soon, I’m ready too.


      2. The irony is that I used to be brown from daily swimming since I was little. Since being diagnosed with fibro and being on a ton of meds which made me balloon in size, I never swim anymore. I am so sorry about the Lyme. It is incredibly debilitating and another with no cure!

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      3. I was the freckle kid never tan not pastes white. I would put baby oil on to try to tan and burn myself up. I’m 55 being tan hasn’t been on my mind in years but when you burn in five minutes it makes gardening hard. I live in Texas and the mosquitos will bite you up if not drowned in poison. I learned about poison when I contacted Lyme. Lyme is like a cement roadblock. I took so many meds, couldn’t get out of bed or barely knew what day it was. The approach is kill the bacteria and hope not to kill the patient. Luckily more doctors are learning about Lyme and others won’t have to suffer.
        Have a great weekend.


      4. I don’r understand why there isn’t more research on things like Lyme, Fibro, Chronic Fatigue etc. It seems like research only goes to Aids and Cancer and cloning things. Never mind the pointless animal testing!
        Texas and Johannesburg has similar weather, we just get more humid. I honestly can’t stand it. Heat seems to make me so much more tired. We don’t have central air like in the states and putting in a AC is so expensive. It’s weekend again hun šŸ˜€

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      5. The research is limited on Lyme I believe due to the CDC. The CDC doesn’t believe in Chronic Lyme. Their position it last 6-8 weeks at most and all the other symptoms are not Lyme. It’s a huge argument here. I have Fibro, Dementia and full body arthritis from having Lyme. I also have a balance problem. Maybe in my lifetime the government will acknowledge a diseases that effects more than they will post on CDC site.
        Have a great weekend! šŸ™‚


      6. No it’s no yuppy flu and or any flu. You would think after all the years in medicine doctors would understand their are many illnesses you can’t see. It makes me mad as hell to hear peoples stories especially the ones told it’s in their head. Doctor’s don’t want to work in a grey area for fear of law suits. Sad situation. I hope you are having a great day.


      7. I hope you are having a lovely day and have a relaxing weekend ahead šŸ™‚
        It kills me that so many people with auto immune illnesses get treated like it’s all in their heads.
        Why would I spend thousands every month on medication, sleep with a machine or deny myself some physical activities. They say for attention. I hate people taking pity on me so I keep most of it to myself.

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      8. I hear you, that’s why I open up the real me to very few people. Chronic Lyme, Fibro, Neuropathy, lack of balance and dementia are quite expensive, thank God we have great insurance. The Lack of balance and Dementia are easy to see but have no remedy, who cares! It’s the others invisible illnesses that are the hardest. I go see a doctor about RA next. I’m not hardened or asking why I have, I have faith. Their are days when I may question God but he knows better. What I have a problem with is the medical system. What most people don’t understand is the buck starts with the CDC. They lay out what they think the treatment should be and for how long. Whatever the CDC says is only what insurance will pay, if insurance doesn’t pay then Medicare doesn’t pay. With Lyme the Consultant number maybe a dozen, get payed by Pharma indirectly by paying for research. It’s a complete outrage. I have had great care considering how hard it is to diagnosis Autoimmune Illness. I get angry for all the others I read about in post and on TV. I believe doctors stay away of treating the illnesses because it’s not clear cut and afraid of lawsuits, which I understand. Vicious cycle.
        I’m a bit jacked up from playing throw to calm my dogs down, instead it knocks me down. We’ll try to help each other if you’re interested. My em is šŸ™‚


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